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We give you access to thousands of undiscovered artists and the tools you need to find the ones you love.


Talent is everywhere. Discover it here.

Great music doesn’t always fit neat labels or get the attention it deserves. And listeners don’t always have the choice they should. Dadadida connects audiences directly with talented artists to help you discover new music to love.

Hank & Cupcakes


Support the artists you love.

Listen to your favorite music, help your favorite artists succeed. As a member of the Dadadida community, you play an essential role in promoting talented artists and helping them connect with their fans.

Billy Woodward


Your favorite music. As defined by you.

Create custom stations that are as unique as your tastes. Dadadida lets you filter by hundreds of music genres, styles, moods, instruments, and beyond to find exactly the kind of music you like. Why be limited to new music that only fits someone else's labels?



You create. We promote.

Every song by every artist gets heard by the Dadadida community. From the moment it’s uploaded, a song gets pushed out to a relevant segment of listeners. If they like it, we’ll share it with more and more listeners. It’s the momentum you need to get the traction you want.

Gabriel Royal